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    Radical Responsibility Training


    The thinking and behaving patterns we adopted from our parents, culture and education influence and often limit the quality of our everyday life.


    This inhibits our ability to respond creatively and in our own unique way to the opportunities and challenges that life offers us.


    Instead of repeating the same patterns as usual, we invite you to try something different and go for what is coherent with you and your unique path.


    To create a more respectful, sustainable and loving way of living with each other and the earth we need to start taking Radical Responsibility for our emotions, words and actions!

    This training is a possibility to step into full responsibility of your life, to upgrade your value and belief system and learn new tools to take a big step into a more vivid and purpose driven way of living

  • Expand The Box Training

    This 3-day training is a safe and transformative space for you to take first steps into responsible adulthood.


    Through the exploration of new thought maps, practical exercises and group processes, you will increase your capacity of listening, expressing yourself and connecting with others.


    You will discover the power of your feelings, learn to be centered in difficult situations and get to know your Gremlin: the part of you that still keeps you away from manifesting what you truly long for!

    ETB Italy

    10-12 February
    (in Italian)

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    ETB Portugal

    24-26 February - Lisbon
    (in English and Portuguese)



    ETB Spain

    17-19 March - Barcelona

    (in English and Spanish)



    ETB Romania

    23.-26 March
    (in English and Romanian)

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    ETB Switzerland

    31 Mar. - 2 April - St.Gallen area

    (in English and Gemran)
    Info English - Info in German
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    ETB Belgium

    5-7 May

    (in English and French)

    Info available soon

    ETB Italy

    12-14 May , Domodossola

    (in English and Italian)

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    Workshops & conferences

    Connect Conference, 3-8 April. Gent, Belgium.
    Youth Section, international Students Conference 18 -22 April, Dornach CH

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  • The pillars of the training

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  • Why Radical Responsibility?


    In ancient cultures, initiation was a crucial aspect of each individual's life. The most important one was the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.


    A major life journey made of different processes with the aim of growing up, taking responsibility for one's actions and their consequences. To discover one's true calling in life.

    Nowadays we are living in a society without any rites of passage towards adult responsibility. It's enough to have a look on whats happening on our planet to understand what the consequences of this are.

    To create a more respectful, sustainable and loving way of living with each other and the earth we need to take Radical Responsibility for our emotions, words and actions!

    If not now, then when?

  • The Trainers

    We are Ramona & Matteo and part of the international Possibility Management trainer team. After 3 years of studying, experiencing and living in this empowering context of radical responsibility, we are now following our passion and calling to hold this transformative trainings in different places around Europe.

    Matteo Tangi

    "For many years I have been working and living on the edges of society, as agent of the global movement towards a more resilient, fulfilling, and regenerating way of living. Today my purpose is to give back what I learned, supporting you to expand!
    more at: matteotangi.com

    • Master Degree in Sustainable Design
    • International research tour in alternative Education 
    • Social entrepreneurship & mentorship
    • Facilitator in Authentic Movement
    • Ecovillage Design Education 
    • Possibility Management Trainer

    Ramona Laich

    "The word Re-connection has been my guidance in my personal journey around the globe. Re-connecting to the Earth as a living being & my own inner world and purpose. With possibility management I found a doorway that empowered me to discover myself with my true nature and authentic vision of my life."

    • Diploma in commercial competence 
    • Psychological astrology (Basic study)
    • Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher
    • Ecovillage Design Education 
    • Possibility Management  Trainer
    • Facilitation of cacao ceremonies 
  • Testimonials

    "Matteo and Ramona have encouraged me to get into action faster than I could imagine. I’ve loved to work with them, I felt they were true to themselves and authentic; I have decided to be present in each step and walk my path fully.” Marion, France

    “The ETB is a workshop that brought me inner peace, through giving me access to a higher vision of myself and an understanding of my inner behaviour. A new way of living my life and, specially, a more respectful and comprehensive way of understanding all I am and others are.” Diogo, Portugal

    "I feel that for the first time I really understand what I need for my life. How to live in relationship, how to educate my child, how to interact consciously with our planet, how to live my destiny?” Lisa, Austria

    "The integration of the intellectual, emotional, physical and energetic work makes the ETB a strong and safe training. It’s not to get rid of something that doesn’t like us, but to integrate it! Radical responsibility for your own life. The context presented in the ETB is the most clear that I’ve seen throughout my life!” Frands, Germany


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    There will be a new kind of education when we will unlearn who we think we are. There will be conscious parenthood when we'll take care of your own inner child.


    There will be care and respect towards the Planet when we love our own nature. There won't be anyone to create a new story for our life if not us.


    Let's do it together!

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